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Our entire team is united to improve the lives of patients living with neuromuscular and cardiac diseases.

At Solid, we are a passionate and committed team, driven by our core values. Solid’s science and patient-focused culture ensures that all employees feel connected to our mission in a meaningful way and our purpose-driven workplace creates an environment of collaboration, inclusivity and growth.

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Core Values

Our values define, unite and strengthen our culture and are a reflection of the individuals working at Solid. We have a collective drive to advance our mission as we strive to make a meaningful impact.


We are inclusive

We are authentic to our true selves and embrace the unique value that each person brings to Solid.

"At Solid, we strive to find ways to understand and empathize with others. We accept and celebrate our differences. We make every person feel welcome, like they belong and that their contributions are vital to our success."

— Tim Palmer, Senior Manager, Corporate Communications

We are empowered

We have the ability to create change in the world around us and we give ourselves the permission to make it happen. We act with integrity, speak up and seek truth.

"Solid was founded with the premise that given the tools, resources and support, people can make a difference. I feel empowered every day to speak up, offer ideas and challenge my colleagues because we are all trying to achieve the same goal: Bring a meaningful solution to people living with Duchenne as quickly as possible."

— Subbu Bulusu, Director, Manufacturing Science and Technology

We are collaborative

We trust, respect and seek each other’s unique perspectives as we work together towards a common goal.

"Solid’s success is a result of our deep relationships and connections. Whether it is internally across functions or externally with patients and partners, we are all aligned towards achieving the same goal, and work together collaboratively to make that happen."

— Meredith Peters, Sr. Executive Assistant, Team Lead

We are resilient

We remain committed to advancing meaningful treatments and scientific innovation by testing all options, with the knowledge that we are stronger, smarter and closer to the solution each day.

"We hear from, speak to, and work with people living with Duchenne regularly. They remind us of why we are here, and their resilience reinforces our own."

— Ryan DeGroot, Scientist l, Downstream Process Development

We are focused

We have one problem to solve and we never forget who we are doing it for. Everything we do is centered around the science that drives our mission forward.

"At Solid, our daily focus is clear – to improve the lives of patients. This unwavering commitment drives our science, strategy and decision making and fuels our daily work."

— Annie Ganot, Vice President, Patient Advocacy

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