Scientific Approach:R&D Philosophy

Because we are technology agnostic, we have the freedom to think big and broad.

Solid is a life science company singularly focused on finding meaningful therapies for Duchenne muscular dystrophy (Duchenne) that meet the diverse and unmet needs of patients – from addressing the underlying cause of Duchenne to managing its multiple manifestations. Because we are technology agnostic, we have the freedom to think big and broadly about all the potential ways we could improve patient lives.

We are building a diversified portfolio of targeted product candidates, including biologic treatment options and assisted devices. We conduct an extensive diligence process on all assets in our portfolio.

Start with the Problem

We are different because we ask: “What approaches can address the problems that Duchenne patients face?,” rather than: “What problem can I address with my approach?”.

Classical drug development begins with a scientific discovery that is translated into a therapeutic approach. This discovery is then tested in multiple indications to better understand where the technology may offer benefit.

Our process is instead designed to explore numerous approaches that may benefit Duchenne patients, allowing us to think critically so we may identify and test the most promising strategies.

Because we are technology agnostic, we are better positioned to comprehensively evaluate the science and rapidly advance candidates that demonstrate the greatest benefit for patients.