Addressing secondary disorders

Developing therapies for the disorders associated with Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Our disease-modifying therapies program is designed to rapidly and thoroughly test the diverse therapeutic approaches emerging out of academia and industry.

While disease progression may be slowed or halted by the restoration of functional dystrophin through gene therapy, many of the “secondary” disorders, such as inflammation, cardiac dysfunction or fibrosis, will need to be independently managed. Solid is building a disease-modifying therapies portfolio designed to address these related disorders.

Solid’s research and development team is comprised of experts in muscle biology that guide our diligence process, discovery and development programs, and production and supply. In addition, Solid incorporates input from a world-class group of advisors that possess expertise across key translational points: disease biology, manufacturing and clinical experience.

We are testing several candidates that have the potential to treat and manage disorders associated with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.  Our pipeline is constantly expanding to target critical components of disease progression.


Solid is partnering with a great team of researchers and industry partners to help us answer questions through the design of preclinical programs that definitively determine whether a drug should be moved into clinical development.

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