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Stories of DMD Patients

Together with Levi Gershkowitz of Living in the Light we are listening to the personal stories of patients and their families in order to better understand the impact that Duchenne muscular dystrophy has on all of our lives and to help inspire the rest of the community.

Henry (4), Los Angeles, CA

“Our story is a story of hope. Because, what else do we have?”

—Jon and Diana

Marcos and Jesús (9 & 12), Seville, Spain

“I knew what destiny had been written for my children and I was aware that from that moment on, I would spend my life rewriting it.”

—Maria Angeles

George, Isaac & Archie (4 & 8), Roscommon, Ireland

“We are fighters and we want what’s right and best ... We only have one problem, it’s called Duchenne.”

—Padraik and Paula


Ryan (22) Crewe, UK

“Think about what you can do rather than what you can’t do. It can be devastating to find out you have Duchenne. But there’s still a lot of life to live.”



Dylan (14) Los Angeles, CA

“You have a disability, but it doesn’t mean the world is gonna end or anything. I think it makes you more confident in who you are as a person, and more empathetic of other people.”



Gus (10) Peterborough, NH

“At this moment, my son is a perfect ice sculpture of himself. And he is slowly melting away. That’s what happens, these boys just kind of melt away.”


The talent and commitment of the community

Solid believes powerful collaborations with the Duchenne muscular dystrophy community, which has worked tirelessly to find and fund potential therapies to combat  the disease, ensures the best chance of success.

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Solid Biosciences is dedicated to developing new therapies to improve and extend the lives of patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) with a goal of reaching the largest number of patients in the shortest amount of time.

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